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LiveGuard & LiveGrid Inquiry

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First of all, I don't know if it's LiveGuard LiveGrid or are completely different feature or they are the same.

I'm using ESET Internet Security, the trial version (yet), I have LiveGrid feature perfectly fine and working great.

I'm preparing to subscribe to the product, but before that while I'm looking in the help page and also in the ESET homepage, I have found that the LiveGuard is only available in ESET Smart Security Premium.

Please, check these two photos, for more explanation:

On homepage and help pages:


On the program I have installed (ESET Internet Security) - LiveGrid



I don't know, but I think these are two completely different features, but what are differences between them. I have detailed information about LiveGrid, but i don't know about LiveGuard.

Can someone explain?

Thanks in advance.

Stay safe.

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Unlike LiveGrid, LiveGuard submits suspicious files for analysis in a cloud sandbox. Until a verdict is returned, proactive protection blocks execution of the file. In case the file turns out to be malicious, it will be blocked permanently.

While LiveGrid also submits suspicious files, it doesn't block submitted undetected files and execution is allowed. Also a detection for submitted files may be added with a delay of dozens of minutes.

You can activate a 30-day trial version of ESET Smart Security Premium and try it out yourself.

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hmmm, yeah, i understand now.

So basically, LiveGrid is a detection feature while LiveGuard is a prevention feature. like the idea of IDS and IPS, i think.

Thank you so much.

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