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ESET Endpoint Antivirus not updating after manual reboot

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I noticed many problems with updating our ESET Endpoint Antivirus clients on workstations. ESET 9.0 upgraded to 9.1 (but also earlier versions to 9.x) requires a reboot however when user does reboot his workstation via Start Menu (Traditional way) ESET won't be updated after the reboot. Reboot HAS to be performed from the ESET Endpoint window which is less then optimal. Is there any fix for that? Is that problem known?

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4 minutes ago, Marcos said:

Does it work when the user clicks the Restart link in ESET's gui?

Yes, that's the point, it does and it seems as it's the most reliable option to restart and update ESET. Normal reboot sometimes won't work properly. It's unfortunate because it's not the desired method to do this kind of maintenance, some users are not really tech-savvy.

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