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ESET Scan .key files


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Dear ESET Support,

We have a problem in the scan operation of ESET, we are using ESET Endpoint eea antivirus on a Linux  server.

We use behind this server a upload application, we upload files and we start a scan test if the test is done, we upload safely.

Investigation information:
* no files with extension .key can be uploaded
* if virus scanning is disabled, files with .key extension can be uploaded
* if virus scanning is enabled, files with .key extension can not be uploaded
* if I try uploading a file with .key extension on the application server directly (with virus scanning enabled) via URL
https://customer-url it also does not work

* scanning the file with eset on the server does not show an error

the key file is safely and cannot be uploaded if ESET scanning is enabled.

FYI: this problem is just for a .key files other types [zip, txt, doc, pdf ..] working good.

any help on this situation or what you suggest?

Best Regards


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I'm quite skeptical about that Endpoint could be used to scan uploaded files. It's ESET Server Security for Linux which is intended for installation on servers. My understanding is that odscan should be able to scan any files regardless of the extension and return the appropriate exit code based on the scan result. Please contact your local ESET distributor for further assistance.

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Hello @Marcos

Thanks for you answer.

Actually we don't have any problem with scanning any files with any extension, the problem here is that we have an application running in a server that has eset enabled and when we try to upload a file (.key) to that application it fails, we realized that we can only upload the file if eset is stopped.

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I can't think of a reason why ESET would lock files with the key extension and thus prevent them from being uploaded. I'd start off by replacing Endpoint with ESET Server Security for Linux. Should the problem persist, open a support ticket with your local ESET distributor.

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