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Ransomware chart


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I knew that eset is on ransomware poor but so bad like in this oh my.. 😯Free Microsoft is better than paid eset hm.. 

Eset must much more working on it and improve feature. Also HIPS on default settings is none HIPS.. 

I saw on forums many people must tweak it. 




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Before making any conclusions from tests, one should get to know the methodology as well as get more info about the test set used, who is behind the test, etc.

This test was commissioned by KAV and consisted both of ItW samples (which were all detected by ESET) and PoC samples developed by and tailored to a particular AV. ESET raised objections, disputed the results and methodology with no response from the tester. We have also analyzed the PoC samples and found bugs in it, causing encryption to not occur under certain circumstances.

The bottom line is that ESET is effective when it comes to protection from actual ransowmare. When deciding about what AV to use, an important factor is how the AV performs in your environment in terms of performance and detection / protection. Does the AV slow down your machine at times? Has it detected none, a few or many false positives? Has it failed to protect you from a threat? While the answer to the last question is probably "no" as all current AVs are quite effective nowadays, answers to the first two questions are very important when deciding about what AV to choose.


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Full article is here https://usa.kaspersky.com/blog/ransomware-protection-test-2021/25531/

Also questions? 

Does slow down pc? NO (comparing only eset and kaspersky) Both are ok.. Bitdefender is heavy so much for example. 

Has it detected none, a few or many false positives?  In tests very few 1 or 2 in my case 0 both.. 

Has it failed to protect you from a threat? No never failed. Eset used 6 years kaspersky 8 years so experience i have with both. 

Kaspersky saves me many times and system watcher (roll back changes) is brilliant. 

Also summary-report-2021 report which indicates that eset is good (Gold) in false positives, performance is kaspersky better. 

You can see how often kaspersky is there on Gold and silver positions.. 


Also here 2020 product od the year


And every second year (because rules are same av can not be 2 times in a row product of the year) rules by av comparatives. 

Eset was product of the year lastly in 2007 maybe

I am watching tests (neutral) for example av comparatives.. 


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13 hours ago, nexon said:

The way a vendor commissioned test works when done by an AMTSO member AV lab is the comparative results are not to be publicly disclosed by the AV lab unless a test AV product vendor partipant consents to it. Obviously, AV-Test has no control over what Kaspersky does with the published test results.

Whereas AV lab tests these days are "taken with a grain of salt" by most in the security industry, AV vendor commissioned tests by an AV lab should be "taken with a molecule of salt."

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13 minutes ago, itman said:

An appropriate comment in regards to Eset anti-ransomware capability is why did Eset not participate in this test: https://www.av-test.org/en/news/defending-against-ransomware-28-protection-solutions-put-to-the-test-under-windows-10/ ?

Why eset is not there? 

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