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Smart Scan Not Working.

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When I click the "Open scan in a new window" this is what I see...


Boot sector of disk C: - error opening

Boot sector of disk D: - error opening
C:\hiberfil.sys - error opening
C:\pagefile.sys - error opening
C:\swapfile.sys - error opening
Also it finds a Trojan every single day. I definitely have a virus, but I am unable to resolve it. Help... Please?   
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The above errors are ok. In order to scan boot sectors, you must run a scan as an administrator. As for the sys files, they are system files exclusively opened by Windows which means that any other application cannot access them. Simply ignore these errors.


Regarding the trojan, it would help us better understand what's goings on if you copy the appropriate and complete records from your Detected threats log or an on-demand scanner log and paste them here.

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