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I updated one of my linux servers to

Now other security vendor installed on same linux server  flagged scand (/opt/eset/efs/lib/scand) as malware.

/opt/eset/efs/lib/scand; SHA265: d24beb9d51c93a497508d99605bd60d3bec3152cf115ee002a0edd78fdd2893c

VT: https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file/d24beb9d51c93a497508d99605bd60d3bec3152cf115ee002a0edd78fdd2893c

Note: I don`t use elastic, but it detected something in above VT link.


Is /opt/eset/efs/lib/scand; SHA265: d24beb9d51c93a497508d99605bd60d3bec3152cf115ee002a0edd78fdd2893c legit ESET file?


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FP. The yara rule matched the EICAR test string in the raw form in the ELF file, in section .rodata. No further conditions are defined in the rule:


However, the definition of the EICAR test file reads:

Any anti-virus product that supports the EICAR test file should detect it in any file providing that the file starts with the following 68 characters, and is exactly 68 bytes long:


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But its legit file: SHA265: d24beb9d51c93a497508d99605bd60d3bec3152cf115ee002a0edd78fdd2893c ?

I can`t find file list and their hashes...

Sorry, just downloaded installer and extracted, file hashes match.

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