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Used a free trial of NOD32 antivirus for the past month but purchased a license key for Internet Security and upgraded my installation. Is that the correct way of doing so?

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For the past month, I've been trialing ESET NOD32 antivirus after switching over from my previous antivirus solution. Since my free trial was about to expire I purchased a license key for Internet Security and activated it on the ESET software, which automatically updated it to Internet Security including its exclusive suite of features (Firewall, Anti-Theft system, etc.)

However, I saw some previous forum posts from about a year ago noting that NOD32 and Internet Security are different pieces of software, so the former should be uninstalled first. Yet I also see a change product function on the software that indicates that a user can easily switch between active licenses for the different products at the press of a button.

I've not had any major issues with the software apart from having to restart my computer a few times to get the Firewall feature to function (which it does).

I just wanted to make sure I did things correctly!

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The "Change product" feature is there to seamlessly change the product without the need to uninstall and reinstall the software. So you did it correctly.

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