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Webconsole Computer/Groups loading slow


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i have a problem with the loading time of the webconsole, when i am trying to click through my static groups.

The following image shows the loading circle. It takes 1-3 mins to load the entire groups/computers. grafik.thumb.png.fd91e07eb8ab42d3c124386cd8840614.png


At the moment i have registered about 300 hosts.

The eset server is running on my debian 10 server "A" and the webconsole is running on my debian 10 server "B". Both servers have 4Gb of Memory. On the webconsole server "B" i am running tomcat9.

The database is running on a different windows database server. Every server is connected with a 1Gig Ethernet Connection to each other.


Do i need to increase the memory of the tomact9 or where is this loading time coming from?


Best regards


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The traffic between the ESET Servers and the database server is very very low. I have captured the traffic via tshark and within 1 min it sends less then 2000 packages.

The network connection to each server should not be the problem.

I still think that the tomcat9's memory is limited. But i don't know how to increase it for the webconsole.


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