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Our Website Has Been Blocked...

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Hi, our website has been blocked by ESET.

We have already send many emails to samples@eset.com but did not recieve any answers.

Our site does not have any malware, spyware or serial numbers...


We have called +1 (866) 343-ESET (3738) and they told us to send a ticket.

Please, remove this site from blacklist:




Thank you

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  • ESET Moderators


If you believe you have found a false positive alarm in ESET's detection of a file or web site, you can submit a request to ESET's threat research lab for analysis by following the instructions in ESET Knowledgebase Article 141, "How do I submit a virus, website or potential false positive sample to ESET's lab?."

All requests for reclassifications must be handled with ESET's threat researchers according to the instructions above. As this support forum is not the proper venue for such requests we shall now draw this conversation to a close.


Aryeh Goretsky

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