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Keyscrambler in the banking portion of the ESET no longer scrambles keys with the latest version and windows 11

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The keyscrambler Spyshelter test worked perfectly fine in non Premium version and in windows 10.


Once I upgraded to Windows 11 and Upgraded to Premium the keyscrambler no longer works.  I can see the keys entered into the browser even though it is supposedly protected by the AV.

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Are you using the latest ver. of Antitest?

I downloaded it and on ESSP, it was first caught by LiveGuard,; scanned in the cloud; and deemed safe. The latest ver. is dated 9/16/2021. The fact the .exe was scanned by LiveGuard is indicative of Eset never seeing it previously.

Running Antitest on Win 10 using Firefox and B&PP in ESSP, all keystrokes were scrambled.

What I am suspecting is the version of AntiTest you are using is not compatible with Win 11.

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