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  1. That might be the case. I thought I've downloaded the latest one from their Polish website, I guess I was wrong. I will restest again tonight.
  2. Oh and I have uninstalled and re-installed ESET just to make sure it wasn't a corruption during initial install. I uninstalled via Revo Uinstaller PRO (latest version).
  3. The keyscrambler Spyshelter test worked perfectly fine in non Premium version and in windows 10. Once I upgraded to Windows 11 and Upgraded to Premium the keyscrambler no longer works. I can see the keys entered into the browser even though it is supposedly protected by the AV.
  4. It's kind of dumb i.e. I can trust sandboxie to reset my settings each time and prevent drive by malware or I can trust what chrome 68 and sandboxie and eset has done before do to the same....I mean I love the fact that each time I close my browser the whole settings are cleared without my intervention regardless what I do. So now the time has came to either trust sandboxie in protection on eset hips.....i honestly dont' know I love the whole reset on reboot of sandboxie.
  5. I have uninstalled hitman pro alert and rebooted...same issue. Hitman Pro was still installed but the HItman Pro Alert was not. Firefox works fine.
  6. Sorry was away from my system. When should I run the log? Should I run it when my ESET is fully on and Chrome is crashing (i.e. HIPS in ESET IS ON) or should I run it when I disable the HIPS and the Chrome works? Just a note that even if ESET HIPS is disabled after I boot and once I touch enable HIPS...I get a prompt to reboot but if I don't reboot the CHROME will still crash...so as long as ESET is hooked the chrome crashes.
  7. Hate to post it in open forum...is there a place I am email it or PM you with the archive?
  8. NO other custom rules until I started to have the issues and it's only then that I created a custom rule. Otherwise my custom rules are empty. Memory violation you say? Hmm it might be Hitman Pro Alert....not working nice with Chrome 69 and ESET IS HIPS....strange...I disabled hitman pro alert all aspects of it (besides uninstalling) and it still gives me the error but who knows. Let me see.
  9. True it could be however this is the only consistent event across 4 of my systems...everyone of my systems that have ESET IS and Chrome 69 can't open Chrome. 1 that has Bitdefender works fine and 1 that has KAV works fine. So the only common thing across them is ESET and I have uninstalled and re-installed Chrome 69 few times now....the only solution that helps is disabling ESET HIPS.
  10. Chrome 68 worked fine but now once chrome updated to 69 I started to get 0x000005 execution error. I have gone through everything in my system in terms of security disabling and enabling and the only thing that works i.e. allows Chrome to execute is Disabling Eset HIPS. The HIPS has to be fully disabled. I have tried partial disable of Script Blocking (reboot), Self Defense (reboot) etc etc I have even created a custom rule allowing the chrome EXE full access to Applications, Registry etc and nothing works. I hate running without HIPS and especially the self defense module of ESET. Running without those is disabling about 50% of ESET defenses especially against crypto and script based attacks.
  11. Yeah It's sad that Geopolitical issues prevent us from having great protection. I mean the same can be said about Any former Eastern European nation (looking at you ESET) :). But yeah that's exactly what I asked on MalwareTips.com and was promptly banned by their Mods...no explanation just banned....when I asked them they told me I was banned for "spam" but it's weird that everything was fine until I asked the same question you asked above...i.e. casting doubts about the Russian FSB connection (their new law at the time) to share all the net data with FSB and their Adguard protection of HTTPS i.e. if they would cooperate with FSB if it came to it? Once that question was asked...ban hammer was issued and all my posts deleted. :) So there goes the stance of the malwaretips mods....(that was few years ago).
  12. Ok so what would you recommend? Disable AdGuard SSL scanning or ESET SSL scanning? I am also running Sophos XG17 UTM but that has disabled SSL scanner and only scans HTTP.
  13. Yeap my full protection chain until this issue has been: 1) ESET IS 2) HITMAN PRO ALERT (SOPHOS) 3) ADGUARD (WFP now disabled but it was enabled before) 4) Zemmana (On Demand...kind of upset that it loads a driver even though it's on demand...that's really naughty of them) 5) MBAM (kept at version 2 and used rarely i.e. once every few months scan whenever I feel like it...it's a remnant of a past when MBAM was still worth a damn).
  14. Yeah I agree I've disabled the WFP and no BSOD yet. I am glad since I would hate to loose ESET protection. ESET and ADGUARD is like a MOM and DAD fight during a divorce proceedings in the end whichever you choose you loose.
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