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Firewall add custom, user-defined rules. MacOS BigSur ESET AV Security pro.

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Hi Sir/ Madam 

I have gone through firewall basic guidelines, for my ESET AV Security pro for Mac OS. 

In that it says by default it adds Auto with exceptions. In this category rule it allows by default screen share "VNS" Apple file sharing "aps" etc..

I can't disabled this. It is  always allowed even though I tried to block using custom rules etc.. 


i want to know how to add custom, user-defined rules. & to disable Auto with exceptions default settings. 

Eagerly Waiting for your response. 


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Firewall default selected "Auto with exceptions" on my ESET Mac OS AV Security pro allowed 17 ports and they can't be altered like blocking a particular port like VNC

As shared in the below screenshot. 

I  want some more information about how to get "custom, user-defined rules". 

Screenshot 2021-12-27 at 12.21.03 PM.png

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