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Eset Has Locked My Working Sim Card

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I came to Austria yesterday and changed my SIM with an Austrian one and my mobile got locked by ESET. Well this is what I expected as I changed the "Anti theft" settings of my ESET software to lock the phone and asks for password in case someone tries to replace another SIM card; later when I put my current Swedish SIM back again, my ESET installed on my mobile doesn't recognize the default working SIM card either! Having to say that my mobile itself is under no contract and in unlocked so any SIM card works with it (purchased it from www.elgiganten.se). 


Next step on my mobile screen ESET is asking me to go to eset.com/support and enter SOLN2949  to send me the reset code (since I forgot my ESET unlock password!) to my email which I purchased the ESET software through it from play.google.com.

Unfortunately ESTE doesn't send me ANY Email containing the rest instructions  eventhough the page says that the reset code is sent to your email and it REALY IS frustrating being in another country and your mobile is locked by your own software you paid for! I even sent my order information (number and date of purchase). I do really appreciate if you could kindly help to fix my LOCKED cell phone problem.

By the way I am a scientist and have purchased this mobile and the ESET software legally and I have the receipt and all the stuff.

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If you go to a different country then the one you purchased your mobile with, most carriers do not allow you to enter a new SIM without a mobile unlock code.

You have to call your carrier and request an unlock code to allow a different SIM to work.

Usually your carrier will lock down your phone if you don't enter the correct unlock code.


I don't know of any feature through ESET Mobile Security that LOCKS the phone without sending the code yourself to lock down the phone in-case of being stolen.

Without a SIM at all, you can uninstall EMS completely by entering your EMS Password of the device you setup yourself.


I am not saying you are wrong, but this post is suspicious in nature.

I would stand-by for support staff or moderator to assist you in this matter.

It would be better to contact ESET directly by phone or contact your local distributor.


Keep in mind ESET's normal business hours are Monday-Friday, and closed on the weekends.

Good luck leo, and sorry for your troubles.

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You also have to make sure that you registered your SIM in the settings of ESET AntiTheft in EMS.

If you want to use another SIM card you can also register it before you enter it in your phone (you have to write the SIM card number off).  If you do so you shouldn't be asked for the password when entering the SIM.


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