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Eset protect server from windows to linux migration

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Hi all,

since a while now we are able to run MSSQL on linux servers so i was wondering did anyone already install a linux server with Eset Protect and MSSQL and run it?
I did understand that migrating (with exisiting DB) from Windows with MSSQL to Linux and MySQL is impossible but I guess if your installing MSSQL on the Linux machine it should be possible.
Also is there a manual available to connect Linux protect server to MSSQL?


PS: don't know if this is the right topic for the question 

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  • ESET Staff

Unfortunately there is not a dedicated manual for this environment setup. But from technical perspective, there should be no issue with such configuration: it is used internally and for testing.

I would recommend to check following tutorial: https://support.eset.com/en/kb7812-install-eset-protect-on-linux-and-connect-it-to-sql-server-on-windows which provides step-by-step guide how to connect ESET PROTECT Server installed on Linux to an external MSSQL instance -> difference in your case would be "network" location of SQL Server instance (i.e. installer command line parameter --db-hostname).


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