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ESET Protect reboot computer: schedule instead of immediate

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I'd like to use a trigger that schedules a reboot at midnight on clients that joins dynamic group "Problematic computers".

I have seen that ESET Protect only has an immediate "Reboot", but you can't schedule it to run off-work hours.

I tried to run a client task that runs a command-line like following:

schtasks.exe /Create /f /z /tn "ESET Protect scheduled reboot" /tr "shutdown /r /t 900" /sc once /st 23:29:59 /ru "System"

But I have seen that it is not working well on all of our clients (atough almost all of our clients are on Windows 10, unfortunately we keep having some Windows 7).

Do you know a best-practice way to reach my purpuses? Are you planning to have a similar capability integrated into ESET Protect?

Thank you all for your help and comments.

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