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Delayed reboot?

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I would bet that there was an option to delay reboot on a remote computers so users could safely close all open apps. 
When I was remotely rebooting a computer (i.e. after an update), a message with a 60 sec timer would appear saying that computer will reboot.

Is that option still available, because I can't find it anywhere??

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  • ESET Staff

Could you please provide more details of which reboot you are actually referring to? Asking as there are multiple scenarios where reboot might be initiated (explicit reboot task, post-upgrade reboot, post-OS-upgrade reboot) and each of them has slightly different behavior.
Regardless of that, we are tracking these requirements, but there is currently no possibility to configure it. Explicitly requested reboot of the machine should provide at least basic notification to users, as you mentioned -> this has not changed for some time, but it does not provide user to delay or cancel reboot if requested by administrator.

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16 hours ago, MietekN said:

New Task->Operating system->Run command: shutdown -f -r -t 60 -c "Reboot after 60 seconds"

So simple ;) Thanks a lot! :D

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