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Phone Hacked

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After visting several untrustworthy websites on chrome, I noticed that there were several weird notifications in the notifications bar, one saying i have a morgage waiting for me, another claiming to be a direct message from a seller i dont recognize. The 3 weird notifications have app logos i dont recognize. I long pressed the notification, and the settings showed the 3 notifications came from an app called SJCam. however, i have installed SJcam for a long time and never received these notifications in the past.


I suspect that my phone has been infected by malware. I removed the cookies and cache (but not web history) in the chrome app, and also ran malware scans with several android antivirus apps, including eset mobile security, kaspersky, avast ,avg, avira, etc. Nevertheless, nothing was detected on these scans.


What should i do to solve this issue?

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1, Temporarily disable account synchronization in Chrome
2, Check the notifications in the Chrome setup and disable notifications from websites that you are not familiar with.

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I have followed the above two steps. Previously, I have also deleted all site settings in chrome, so the notifications page is empty in chrome.

To be honest, the weird notifications have not appeared after those 3 occurrences. However, I am still worried that the malware (if there is any) persists on my phone. 

Do you mean that the notifications from chrome have disguised themselves to appear to be from another app (SJCam)?  Is the malware confined to chrome and wiped after I followed the above 2 steps? Are my files on my phone infected? (I didn't click into those 3 notifications, and just deleted them from notifications bar) (I've heard that android apps are sandboxed but to a lesser extent compared to ios)

Any help is appreciated. Thanks! :)

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