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Anti-Theft Optimisation Warning

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Is it possible to turn off the anti-theft optimisation warning on the client without applying a phantom account?

The only way I have found is to disable anti-theft completely.


Or can the phantom account be hidden from the start screen until the computer is marked as stolen?


I want to be able to inlcudes laptops in my.eset anti-theft page but not use a phantom account. It seems to not be possible without showing the Orange exlamation warning on the client.




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ESET Anti-theft won't function properly if you cannot create a phantom account.


You can disable user accounts from an elevated command prompt : "Net user 'account name' /active:no", however this will also most likely cause anti-theft not to work.

We would need staff to confirm.

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Ok, Thanks for your reply.

I just find people get confused by the new account in Start screen and want to know who "John" is, or will load that account because it has no password!

I know you can change the name and use "John" as an example cause its the default. :)

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