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Change language of english in french

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Hye everybody


  How to deploid ESET Endpoint in the french language because when i deploided this version as when i download the french version, on a computer, the language is in english.  Do you have a parameter or registry key to change the language's software?






PS     I don't want uninstall it .

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If you download and install French version of an ESET product, it will be in French (unless language dlls are corrupted for some reason which is highly unlikely to happen).

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  • ESET Moderators

If you are installing locally or downloading the installer for a manual push, you can select any language that is available on the Download page.




If you want to push a preconfigured installation package, you can also select the ESET product and language from ESET Remote Administrator.


  1. Open the ESET Remote Administrator Console by clicking Start icon-rarr_10x9.pngAll Programs icon-rarr_10x9.png ESET icon-rarr_10x9.png  ESET Remote Administrator Console icon-rarr_10x9.png ESET Remote Administrator Console and then connect to the server.
  2. Click the Remote Install tab and click Action icon-rarr_10x9.png Manage Packages.
  3. Click Add...
  4. A. If you want to choose a preconfigured installation package, click Download From the Web and select your ESET product and preferred langage (see image below).
    B. If you downloaded or configured an installation package, you can click the ... to choose the file saved on your computer.





Let us know if this isn't clear or if you are trying to accomplish something else.

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