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How does web protection works?

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Guest J.A.G.


I have 2 questions about web protection :

  • Does eset "see" the javascript inside the browser or is it trying to request the page on it's own side to read the javascript content? let's say i'm a member of the website aquaponey.mywebsite and let's say there is malicious script only available for logged in members. Would eset be able to "see" this?
  • Does eset send the list of accessed website to an eset server outside of my computer or does it scan the urls inside of my computer?

thank you for your time

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If you have ESET Feedback set as off then ESET shouldn't send requests for feedback from their servers

ESET can read the javascript and block it from loading , I believe ESET is scanning through the browsers

I don't think they will send your browsing history to the HQ office , but there is a blacklist which has to be checked whether the website you are visiting is on the list or not , to be blocked or allowed.

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ESET doesn't send URLs you visit to the cloud to determine if they are malicious or not. Only to determine classification (Parental Control / Web Control), the product queries ESET's servers about the category but this happens in an encrypted form.

We scan javascript both directly in files and on execution, e.g. via AMSI on WIndows 10 or within the browser:



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