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Set up and password confusion

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I recently purchased ESET smart security.

I have been taken to various password screens.  One of the early ones seemed to not allow me to include special characters in my password -  is this correct? Seems rather limiting for security software. 

Then, when I entered the password the email and password combinations didn't work, so I click on forgot password, am taken to email message, which takes me to reset, and I need the recovery password.  

Then, when setting up the ESET password recovery manager there was a screen which showed the recovery password.  I opened another screen to save the recovery password - but then the recovery password itself disappeared.  I have saved the master password, but I am not prompted for this - or at least I can't get in without the recovery password. 

So then I open a new account with a different email, and associate this new email address with my licence.  But still don't have a way of resetting my password without going through the recovery key option.

I know the confusion is between getting the right password for the ESET platform, and 2) for the password manager.

I think I might need to start again.  How do I delete all of these accounts without losing my licence?

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Normally you don't have to set up any password, just install ESET, enter your license key to activate it and that's it.

1, A password can be set to protect ESET settings from tampering.
2, A my.eset.com account requires a password.
3, Password manager requires a password to log in to your password store.

Which of the passwords doesn't support special characters? I've tried to set a password to protect settings using special characters and the password was accepted.

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