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Hi all.

I have eset smart security 7.

I have the firewall in interactive filtering mode because i want to have always the in\out control.

I try to play with my friend co-op Borderlands  in LAN,we are both connected with wire cat5 in the modem.

I start\HOST  LAN game,my friend also start\JOIN game BUT he cannot find me.

Then i disable the eset firewall and my friend find me an we play just find.

Question: How can i add my friend in my firewall so i will not need to each time to completely disable the firewall?

Thank you.

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Oh your problem is this: You have enabled interactive firewall and so ESS normally would display a message like "Inbound/Outbound traffic - Do you want to allow?". But because the Gamer Mode of ESS is automatic enabled it prevents all messages from displaying. And so also this message can't be shown and the traffic is blocked.
A full description of the problem can you find in the ESET Smart Security User Guide at point "4.1.5 Gamer mode" as a note.
You can also find it in the offline help(-file) of ESS. Just open the help under "help and support" --> "Open help" and navigate to "work with ESS" --> "computer" --> "Gamer Mode" or you use this link:
Open this link with IE or just paste it in a "run-box" (in Windows 7 you can paste it in the start menu). I wasn't able to link it directly, because this editor don't supports the mk protocol.

Alternatively you can paste this text in the run box: %programfiles%\ESET\ESET%20Smart%20Security\eset.chm::/idh_config_gamer.htm


What you can do now:

  • if possible don't play the game in full screen mode (but of course that's not such nice :) )
  • disable automatic switch to gamer mode (but then you maybe get also some other messages too)
  • switch the firewall mode to another mode (e.g. automatic mode)
  • create a rule for this connection - here are some ways how to do it:
    • manually create a rule for the game (possibly with the IP address of your friend) in the settings
    • or play the game one time in window mode, then you can see the firewall message and you can create a rule there
    • or (and this is what I recommend) switch the firewall temporary to learning mode, start the game, connect with your friend and then a rule should be created automatically
      But don't forget to switch back from learning mode after this has done.
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