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Eset tells me License expired

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I use license manager , say to verify email. So it is sending to an outdated email address.

Call they say can't change emal address, because it was purchased from another country.

Bought the license about a year ago, working fine till about 4 days ago. then the message "your computer is not protected"

So i deactvate and re enter the lisense works for a day then same message. Now it wants an email verifacation and ESET after a call says cannot do since the product was bought in another country. How hard is it to change an email address???

Suppose to expire in 12/22.

Screw ESET, on to a better product that wont rip you off.

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Please provide me with the public ID of the license you added in the license manager or drop me a personal message with the license key.

Your license 3AJ-48D-4VJ was purchased in the USA and is valid until Dec 31, 2022.

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