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Pushing ESET File Security App Update Makes Real Time Protection Nonfunctional

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I run ESET File Security on my production windows servers. Can someone please explain to me why updating the software makes real-time protection nonfunctional? This seems like a huge product flaw. 

What I would like to do is update the application, and schedule a time for the server to restart. Real-time protection should remain functional until the time of the restart. Why even allow updates to be applied without a reboot if this is going to be the result? 

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It depends on what version you update from. If substantial changes were made in the communication between drivers and kernel, a computer restart is required for protection to work. However, such updates are rare and we don't plan to make such big changes on a regular basis. Moreover, we are bringing so-called uPCU updates to business products which will upgrade the program only after a computer restart. In the future the program will support seamless upgrade of both the program and drivers on the fly.

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Hi Marcos, 

Thank you for your reply. This info helps, as I was worried this would be the case every time. Unfortunately, I cannot restart my production servers whenever I would like, so the update making real time protection non functional is somewhat of a hassle because I either need to perform an emergency reboot, or schedule a restart overnight. Until the restart happens the system will remain unprotected and that is obviously not good. 

However, it would be nice to see a warning in the protect cloud console when performing a task for update without automatic reboot as to whether or not this will be the case. If something had told me that the protection would be disabled until reboot I would have been able to make a more informed decision in this case. I may just be shouting in the wind here but anywho, thanks again for the information. 


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