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During execution of Update on the computer 'USER-PC-NAME', the following event occurred: 'error message' ..... going to old redundant email address

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I have an email message being triggered every few hours by an update task but after cheacking all email notification settings I cannot find where my message is comming from.

I have tried Notification settings and configured every one of them correctly. The message is going our to a previous administrator.

Ive checked policies but dont find any reference to custom notification scripts.


Can anyone point out  where else to look for an Erro alert.

If this is a clue:

the message reads....

18/01/2021 06:54:04 -

1/18/2021 6:21:41 AM - During execution of Update on the computer ELOPC-MNT-ARCHI, the following event occurred: There is not enough free disk space available.

All my other messages similar to the above (but with different causes) come to the correct email addresses. only this one is problematic.

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Let's start by checking the configuration (not policies) of Endpoint on ELOPC-MNT-ARCHI. Does it have SMTP notifications enabled?

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