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Cannot reclassify any emails to SPAM Folder

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Have a client of mine who cannot  re-classify any message into the SPAM folder. The item will just sit in the INBOX and have confirmed that ESET Anti-spam for outlook is checked in advanced setup. Also tried to blacklist and nothing shows up in the BLACKLIST section for ESET. Confirmed that the ESET Add-on is located properly in the Ad-ons section in OUTLOOK 2010.

Confirmed that the correct Folder name does show up in advanced setup as well in the section "Anti-spam protection"   RDP'd into his other Windows 7 machine and that one works fine and right when you click on "Reclassify as Spam" it goes right into the SPAM folder for Outlook. I even exported and imported this file into his Windows 7 machine that is not working and same issue.  Also did full 2289 and manual removal of all eset remnants and - Installed ESET Smart Security again. re-imported config file from working computer and same issue.



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So we know another machine is working !


Have you tried testing under a different profile ?


See if you receive the same issue under a new one and let us know the results. :)

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