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ESET Social Media Scanner - Why ESET gets "write-rights"?

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At first I have to say that I don't found a good part where I can ask this questions so I used this part.


I wanted to protect Twitter with ESET Social Media Scanner, but I saw that it has got many rights about my Twitter account. I understand that it must have many "read-rights" but it also gets some "write-rights" - I don't understand why:

  • "Update your profile." - Why should ESET change my age or some other information?
  • "Post Tweets for you." - Why? It only should protect me of malicious code and not post something for me.
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The problem is, no one from ESET has read this yet.

If you need a quick answer, call. Otherwise, be patient and someone will answer your concerns when a professional and complete answer/explanation is ready.

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I guess, it's because malicious code can also be within your personal data, so security scan can be done also in your profile and posts.

You don't have to be worry, SMS itself sends no posts for you, and will not update your personal data...




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Ok that's a good explanation and so this "write-rights" sounds maningful.

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