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I am in the middle of updating our estate (~800 machines) to 7.3.2039 from 7.2.2055 in preparation for Windows 2004 update.

This morning I have noticed that 2039 has vanished from the repository and has been replaced with 2041, but I cannot see any official announcement. From the changelog in the repository it seems like a small update, but I have tested 2039 and want to continue to use this.

Why has 2039 been removed? I have a local .exe but some machines need to go to the internet to get this file.

Also, is there any way of turning off the whole "outdated" thing on ESMC before we actually release an update for ourselves after testing?



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Basically there should be the latest major version available in the repository, ie. the latest 7.1, 7.2, 7.3, etc. We don't keep all minor release versions there. If you need to test the installers for a longer time before rolling them out, you could install the latest v7.2, however, this is not recommended since v7.2 and older won't work on Windows 10 21H1 Update.

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