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    xafi27 received kudos from speakerbox in ESET File Security Version 8 Release?   
    I would also like an answer to this question before we start the upgrade to 7.3
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    xafi27 gave kudos to speakerbox in ESET File Security Version 8 Release?   
    We're currently reviewing our server protection, we have around 150 on a mix of ESET File Security 7.0 and 7.1 (Windows only) which according to the EOL page is in support (Limited for 7.0, Full for 7.1). 
    With ESET Endpoint AV V8 being released for clients is there any rough estimated date/quarter/year on when the next major version for File Security will be released?
    I've noticed 7.3 released for ESET File Security last month (EOL page not updated to show that?) but we're reviewing whether we should upgrade all our 7.0/7.1 servers to 7.3 or wait for V8. It be months of work to go to 7.3 only for V8 be released and have to do it all again so be good to know!
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