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I read that Win10 is not going to allow users to disable Defender in the near future.  I was wondering what effects this will have on ESET and my system (slowdowns, etc.)?

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Believe you are referring to this article: https://www.bleepingcomputer.com/news/microsoft/malware-can-no-longer-disable-microsoft-defender-via-the-registry/

As stated:


"DisableAntiSpyware is intended to be used by OEMs and IT Pros to disable Microsoft Defender Antivirus and deploy another antivirus product during deployment. This is a legacy setting that is no longer necessary as Microsoft Defender antivirus automatically turns itself off when it detects another antivirus program. This setting is not intended for consumer devices, and we’ve decided to remove this registry key.

Additional stated is that WD should have never been permanently disabled previously since it serves as a real-time AV backup in the event the third party AV becomes inoperable for some reason.

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