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Error egui.exe Windows Xp

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Hello, suporte.protagon

It could be a software incompatibility issues? The only issue I know of, is with Roboform (password manager) and Eset, colliding in a egui.exe error. Mainly because Roboform will attach to each login window you may open. But I think it could be a corrupted file under the installation, there is the reason to your error. If you like, then you can try to uninstall eset in safe mode, with eset uninstaller tool, reboot and do a clean installation. If you will give that a try,then here is the link you shall use:How do I manually uninstall my Windows ESET security product?


Regards, Janus :-)





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Please carry on as follows:

- download ProcDump from this link and run it so that the executable procdump.exe is extracted

- reproduce the crash

- with the Windows Error Reporting message on the screen, run "procdump -ma egui"

- compress egui.dmp and supply it to Customer care for analysis.

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