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Connection to management server

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From our observation it seems that the management connection (port 2222) is active all the time between all clients and the ESMC server.

Where this has also advantages it could be desirable to have the connection be established and then closed for every connection interval, esp. for large environments. Can this be configured in any way?


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Hello @offbyone,

Yes we use the permanent connections, see  https://help.eset.com/esmc_install/71/en-US/installation_deployment_scenarios.html 

"ESMC Server is connected to the ESET Management Agents using permanent connections. Despite the permanent connection, data transmission occurs only once during the connection interval."

Do not have personal experience / data, but I would for sure keep it that way, as establishing the secure connection is quite resource intensive...


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THX for the link.

Indeed it is related to the connection interval if establishing a secure connection every time makes sense. With the defaults for sure not. However if you have intervals of 10 minutes or above things may be different.

Also related is what happens if you have a firewall inbetween, which very often terminates long running connections where you have no traffic flow (default is often 10 minutes). Don't know if the eset agent periodically sends a heartbeet or keep alive to keep connections open if the connection interval is larger.

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