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Trigger on static group

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We created a trigger on a static group, which should be fired whenever a computer joins this group (for the first time).

However what is strange is, that when displaying the trigger properties the target type is displayed as "Dynamic Group".

Any idea what could be wrong?


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  • ESET Staff


In this case, if you want to have the task executed only "first time" upon entering the group, you should not use the "joined dynamic group trigger" (there is no such trigger available for static group). Instead you should set a trigger "ASAP" and make sure there is no expiration set, as past the expiration date, the trigger will stop working: 

I would however recommend you to create a dynamic group, focusing on a computer problem "product not activated", eventually together with a condition for a specific software installed (EEA / EES / ...). By that, even if any issues with activation appear, such trigger would "fix it". Alternatively, you can have the same task triggered on "joined DG" and then "scheduled repeatedly", with for example once a day, so it will retry the reactivation later again. 

Hope that this helps. 

PS: Are you sure, that the "Approved" is indeed a static group? As That´s not possible to be checked from the screenshot you provided. 

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Hi MichalJ.

Thanks for you answer.

The group indeed is a static group and that's the reason I asked.


We extensively use dynamic groups as this is a really great feature of ESET, and "Approved" is the only static group we use. Our intention is to not activate the product automatically but only after someone checked what device it is and then moved it to the "Approved" group.

The trigger description generated make us think that it will work as intended.


However whenever we create a trigger on that group the TARGET TYPE is shown as "Dynamic Group". We checked multiple times with same result.

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  • ESET Staff

I have been able to reproduce the behavior. It seems to me as a bug, so I will report it to our QA / DEV teams. that a confusing description is displayed for the group, as indeed it shows "dynamic group" even when "static group" is set as target. 

It only shows like that when you try to "edit trigger". 

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