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Reading AD structure failed (check task configuration)

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Static group synchronization is not working any more after update SME to 

ESET Security Management Center (Server), Version 7.2 (7.2.1266.0)
ESET Security Management Center (Web Console), Version 7.2 (
Microsoft Windows Server 2016 Standard (64-bit), Version 10.0.14393.3750



After few successful synchronization   now i failing with this error 

Failed Reading AD structure failed (check task configuration) Failed to bind to the specified object (LDAP://dc/DC=.......,DC=local). Error code = 0x8007203a, The server is not operational. Error code: 0x8007203a




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  • ESET Staff

Please check AD synchronization documentation and double check your ESMC configuration to meet all required criteria. There has been a change where ESMC now prioritizes secure (LDAPS) connection to AD servers, which might results in failures in case configuration of AD server is not meeting criteria.

There should be also alternative using LDAP sychronization in case it is not possible to re-configure AD server to work properly with new ESMC requiring security connection.

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