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Is there any working CLI-scanner for linux?

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Hello there,


is there any working command line scanner which can be integrated in a running postfix/amavis configuration? I evaluated Mail Security für Linux but it obviously gets not longer updated anymore. Now I tried to give a chance to File Security für Linux, it comes with this odscan CLI-tool, but it is not reporting neither success nor any resulting virus status. There is also a integrated tool called "cls" in the /sbin folder of the installation directory, but this one obviously does not find its virus databases as it is looking for "em000_64.dat".


Best regards



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Please read https://help.eset.com/efs/7/en-US/?scans.html

To run scan from a custom script and get an immediate response, use the /opt/eset/efs/sbin/cls/cls command.

Syntax: /opt/eset/efs/sbin/cls/cls [OPTIONS..] FILES..

Exit codes



No threat found


Threat found and cleaned


Some files could not be scanned (may be threats)


Threat found




Esets_scan in EFSL 4.5 should return the same exit codes.

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Thanks for your reply, but I get the following error message when executing /opt/eset/efs/sbin/cls/cls:

ECLS Command-line scanner, version, (C) 2017 ESET, spol. s r. o.
Scanner initialization failed.

And as I stated above, strace reveals that the scanner was looking for a file called em000_64.dat, but fails.

Best regards, Sascha

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Now I was able to find a solution by myself:
The installation created at symlink named /opt/eset/efs/sbin/cls/lib pointing into the void, but the right lib directory containing the virus definitions was found in /var/opt/eset/efs/lib.

So I recreated the symlink in /opt/eset/efs/sbin/cls/lib with

ln -sf /var/opt/eset/efs/lib /opt/eset/efs/sbin/cls/lib

and so got the cls CLI-Scanner working.


Best regards, Sascha

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