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Unanswered false positive inquiry for 4 weeks

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I have tried to contact your support team at samples@eset.com regarding the fact that Eset has flagged our product as malware, although it's clearly a false positive. Unfortunately, I haven't got a response for the past couple of weeks.


I followed all the directions described here- hxxp://kb.eset.com/esetkb/index?page=content&id=SOLN141, but still haven't got any response from your side.


I would appreciate your prompt response, as this issue hurts our product and business.


Thank you,



Widdit Team

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I took a look at your company and your home page here: www. widdit.com


I can only speculate that your software is not detected as malware or trojans etc; but, the detection type of potentially unwanted, and or potentially unsafe application.

Please understand, this is not a permanent/always on detection type located within the software, but an optional detection type that users and clients of ESET can choose to turn on or off.

Usually if samples are indeed false positives, you will receive a reply within a matter of days.


If you would like to make adjustments on your application in order to clean-up or repair the trouble-causing issues, you can reference the following link as a guideline :

...then re-submit your software for evaluation to ESET.


*Most toolbars, BHO's, re-directs, and heavy browser addons fall under the category of potentially unwanted. ;)


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Eaxcatly, Widdit toolbar is correctly classified as a potentially unwanted application, ie. the detection is optional.

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