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Overall bugs in ESET after update...

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Hi there,

since I updated my ESET Internet Security to the version,
I cannot use this product properly any more and also cannot deinstall it...

I deinstalled it once, but then it disappeared from the Windows (10) "Deinstall programs" tab.
It starts at start-up of windows as usual, but it should be deinstalled already!

Below you can see some pictures of the AV:
It seems odd, that some functions are missing or not displaying correctly.
At msconfig.exe, I could see that ESET Service is active and cannot be closed as expected, but only the GUI is working (sort of).
When I try to use my active licence for this product and click on "Produkt aktivieren" (German for: activate product), nothing happens.
Scan also does not work!

I hope somebody can help me with this issue...
I cannot delete it in safe mode and also the AV Remover cannot detect it. When I try to install (whatever sort of) ESET AV product, it says:
"There is already the latest version installed"
I found out, that it still was indeed on my "D:\" drive, but I cannot delete it due to runtime of the AV.
Whenever I try to use "Tools" or "Settings" and go to further functions (e.g extended settings), it requires a password...

Thanks in advance,
a raging/desperate user...

EDIT: typo corrected (advanced -> advance)

pic (1).PNG

pic (2).PNG

pic (3).PNG

pic (4).PNG

pic (5).PNG

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