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All In One Installer

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We have just created a new All In One Installer (Security Product + Agent).

We have chose 7.2.2055.0, which I believe is the new version.  

The problem is that the installer seems to include an old Agent 7.0.577.0, and will not attach the newer 7.1.717.0 agent to the package.

I can't see anywhere to select the new agent, you only get to chose the Endpoint version.

If I try to create a new Agent Deployment Task, within the task if I uncheck 'Automatic resolution of suitable clients', and click Add Package, again this list 3 agent packages for each OS, and the Windows one is 7.0.577.0.

It appears the server/Security Management Center has the old agent, but I can't see a way to update the Agent within SMC to 7.1.717.0#

Any help would be greatly appreciated.





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  • ESET Staff

Could you please check version of your ESMC Server? Installers will contain ESMC Agent 7.1 only in case ESMC Server is 7.1 used. When installer is created only "compatible" versions are offered, and currently ESMC Agent 7.1 is marked as compatible only with ESMC 7.1.

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