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Phantom account hacked

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I noticed a strange account on the bottom of my startup screen and received an email from Eset reporting suspicious activity on the phantom account.  I assured Eset that my laptop had not been stolen.  Then I deleted the account and changed my Microsoft Windows account password.  Since I very rarely take my laptop out of the house, I went to Eset and deleted the anti-theft account.  Is there anything else I should do?  Should I reinstate the anti-theft account or let it alone unless I take the laptop out of the house?  I ran an Eset system scan and nothing wrong was found but I am afraid that a hacker could probably get into the rest of my laptop somehow through the phantom account.  How would a hacker even know I have a phantom account?  As you may see, I don't know much about this stuff.

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Logging in the phantom account is considered a suspicious operation. Check the device in the AT portal https://anti-theft.eset.com and create a phantom account if recommended under Optimization:


If you want AT to work effectively in case of a theft, keep the phantom account created.

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