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Setting up Anti-Theft

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My mobile devices are tied to one email account and my laptop another (for licensing). Is it possible to have them both under one Anti-Theft account. So far I'm not having luck.

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On 1/22/2020 at 12:23 AM, Marcos said:

That's possible, just use the same my.eset.com account when activating Anti-Theft on devices.

I had my laptop setup on another account. I tried to do a theft test but it just hung. I opted to delete it since I wanted setup on the account with my mobile devices. But, I'm not getting any option to add it. I've done this before. Not sure if the old account is hung or if it's because my laptop ESS is logged in under this account and not the one the mobile devices are using. They're licensed under separate accounts. I got back and I cannot add back to the original ESS anti theft account. Weird.


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