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  1. it's when you login under MyEset and run the Eset Anti-Theft test. shows your GPS location and the device takes photos to capture the culprit (and in the test...to do a test). But now there are no photos there and when you click on the option to download the activity and you choose any of the report options from the list you get no photos. this has always worked in the past. Not sure what I'm paying for anymore now that all my devices, and some others, are using this and for this feature.
  2. When doing this test with Eset it snaps a photo and gets uploaded to MyEset. On my cell I an see the photo is getting taken but not making it to My Eset account.
  3. I should be more clear and state that I'm doing a test from my phone. I see photos have been taken as they are in my phones photo gallery but none are showing up at MyEset. The laptop is pending photos yet it looks like.
  4. No photos when testing my devices with EMS. Did this change in an update? Used to work but now it doesn't take photos from the cameras on my phone, laptop or tablet.
  5. I have. I have my backup software to only run on reboot or shutdown and so I do this from time to time to keep regular backups.
  6. I do both. In the past few weeks I have been doing sleep more. Not just closing the lid but choosing the sleep option and then closing the lid. This is a Lenovo C930.
  7. Varies. Might be 15 minutes it could be a few to several hours. Updates: possibly but then it would be running updates quite frequently given this happens all the time. Not clear on what you mean by "unmodified standard settings". Would you provide some details? Thanks..
  8. Noticing for a while now that my laptop has become slow when coming out of sleep and responding. Seeing high CPU usage from Eset SS, latest version.
  9. Connected Home Monitor shows devices being connected to WiFi SSIDs that they are in fact not connected to. How is this corrected so this works accurately. Program is at the current version.
  10. I had my laptop setup on another account. I tried to do a theft test but it just hung. I opted to delete it since I wanted setup on the account with my mobile devices. But, I'm not getting any option to add it. I've done this before. Not sure if the old account is hung or if it's because my laptop ESS is logged in under this account and not the one the mobile devices are using. They're licensed under separate accounts. I got back and I cannot add back to the original ESS anti theft account. Weird.
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