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How to unblock my website from ESET blacklist?


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Hello ESET team,

I have a website www.agfabric.com.and we are an online retail company.

But our customer told us our website is blocked by ESET.

So i test/scan my website on Macfee and Norton,the attached shows that the website is safe.

Since i do not know where to test or scan my website on ESET, i send this mail ,hope your team can help me fix this bug.

Or just test our website and tell me what is the problem, i can do sth for this.





norton scan.jpg

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Please read this before you post

As stated, this forum is not the right place to dispute url blocks or detections. Please contact ESET as per the instructions above next time.
As for the block, there has been malware on the website recently. It appears to be clean now so we have unblocked it.

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