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Adfly danger

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When I want to download mods, some sites are using Adfly to get their URL shorter.🐝

But now, ESET is warning me that I got undesirable stuff on my computer, and doesn't seem to erase it. 😑

I've "investigate", and AdFly is responsible of this alert. I don't know how to clean it, and I keep having alert messages.

It doesn't seem to damage my PC, but it freaks me out😨. Does anyone have a solution?

here's a screenshot of the alert.
file:///C:/Users/antoi/OneDrive/Images/Captures d’écran/Capture d’écran (18).png
(ps : I'm Belgian so I speak french)

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I also believe you are referring to Adf.ly adware as noted here: https://malwaretips.com/blogs/remove-adf-ly/

Per the malwaretips.com article, this adware is usually installed; directly by you or, indirectly via another app installer or the like. The classification on this undesirable software can range from nuisance to malicious. Have you overrode any Eset PUA alerts when installing any app?  Have you recently installed any new browser extensions or add-ons? Were those from vetted trusted sources? Even if installed from a trusted source, Chrome Google store downloads in the past for example have been problematic.

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