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ESMC VA - how to update FQDN?

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Hi all,

I changed my router and at the same time also changed the domain used for DDNS. Since then, I can load ESMC and correctly monitor client computers, push policies installs etc. but the ESMC VA shows as disconnected so I am unable to update the components to 7.1.

When I open the details tab of my VA in the computers section, the FQDN shows my old DDNS domain whereas now I use my website domain with a CNAME record pointing to my new DDNS domain. 

How can I either update the FQDN so my ESMC server shows and I can upgrade the components or add the server as a new device to the computers list?


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  • ESET Staff


We will need to troubleshoot this further (ideally via a support ticket), and to find out, why the agents are not connecting (agent trace log, and status HTML would be helpful). 



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I've pulled those logs and opened a support ticket with them attached. I've not received the email confirmation yet but hopefully that will arrive shortly. 

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This is now resolved, in case it helps anyone I logged into the VA and enabled Webmin, I then accessed Webmin using a web browser, Servers section, ESMC then there was an option to repair ESMC Agent Connection. I entered "localhost" for the Hostname and the ESMC port then clicked the repair button and it fixed it and updated to 7.1 as I had this task queued from last year.  

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