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EFDE with ECA failed on 1 machine out of 10


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Just had a user forget his password and so we had to use ECA to get the password but this users machine shows as encryption inactive even though the user setup and let his machine encrypt??  I dont know why this happened on 1/10 machines but seeing as EFDE is installed but saying its inactive even though it is working on the machine, what would be the best way to resolve this error now???  Seeing as ECA doesnt think EFDE is active i assume that also means applying our Policy with the encryption disabled which we were told would be used to decrypt machines, how can we fix this error if we cant decrypt via ECA, surely trying to remove EFDE would break the whole encryption wouldnt it?? We managed to use recovery password to get back into the machine but we just need to resolve ECA thinking the machines EFDE is inactive now??

Any ideas??

Also are there any plans to add the ability for the super user to delegate another user to be able to retrieve and use the recovery methods on ECA??  For us its causing problems already with only the superuser being able to perform these tasks as we only have 2 users on ECA and we need both to be able to retrieve decryption passwords too?? Im really hoping this is something coming as it seems strange its all left to the super user to have to do??? (presently were now thinking of setting up a new account as the superuser then sharing hte password and disabling 2FA which is madness)



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  • ESET Staff

Hello sajk.dot,

This seems more like a support case. Probably there is a very specific SW/HW combination that is causing this issue. I would kindly ask you to submit a support ticket with screenshots and other relevant details. We will look into it

Regarding admins and their rights in ECA- the structure is flat and basically there are only 2 variants.

  1. Either has admin read only rights (in this case encryption recovery is greyed out and not clickable) 
  2. Or if you want both admins to have the same ECA rights (including EFDE recovery):  The  "Super user" (as you call him) has to grant "use" rights to this other admin in EBA.

Best regards,


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