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There should have a warning when enabling Resolve Host Names


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Resolving host names and issues would be relative to your DNS servers,not ESET.

Please know what you are talking about. ;)


The resolve hostname is ONLY for the Network connections list under Tools > Network connections.

It simply means for the connections you are making on said IP address , show what their hostname is as well.

ESET doesn't convert this information for you. Your DNS servers do.


I do not have the issues you are talking about at all, its apparent i am using different dns servers then you.


Try switching to different dns and test.

Here is Googles : https://developers.google.com/speed/public-dns/

Here is OpenDNS which i use: hxxp://www.opendns.com/


Thanks and let us know if your issue persists after switching. :)

You may try other DNS servers closer to your area as well.

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