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ESET Mail Security for Exchange "Approved Domain to IP" list problem

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We have ESET Mail Security for Exchange 7.1.10009.0 on a Exchange 2019 Server.

An external company deal with our newsletter campaigns . Every newsletter sent to us are blocked as SPAM on our server by ESET with the message "URL (7rhost.com) found on cloud blacklist. IP ( found on cloud black list"

I add the 7rhost.com domain to the Approved Domain to IP list... and ESET automatically added all the IPs related to this domain. I confirmed that the IP is on that list.

Despite of this, the incoming emails keep getting blocked by ESET Mail Security with the same message It just ignores the whitelist.

Help please.

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Has anyone successfully added domains to the Approved Domain to IP and ESET automatically bypasses them?

Do I have to reboot the mail server?

I also added the IP to the Approved IP list and ESET doesn't ignores it too.

Is there a problem with this version?I can update to 7.1.10011.0 but, viewing the change log, i don't see anything related to exclusions.

Any help please.


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  • ESET Staff

Hi lafonso,

All lists work without a reboot. What is the reason for blocking after you whitelisted the domain? Please check the Mailserver protection log.

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Hi filips,

That information was on the logs i sent to ESET support. I blocked the domain to check if the lists were working. I was expecting something like "domain was blocked by user's black list". But this didn't work too. Anything i put on one or another list, ESMX ignores it.




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