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Not Getting License Verification Email


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ESET set our company up with a trial, I received the email with the Key and created an account with the same email address that the key was sent to. I go into the Add License panel and add the License Key. It then says "Sent me@company.xyz an email for verification". I never get the email. If I click on the License tab on the left, I see the license and on the right it show my email address and Status shows "Waiting on verification". I assume this verification email (which, again, I'm not getting) has a link I need to click to complete the verification... Eventually the license that I entered and see in the License tab disappears. I've tried this 4 times now.

I'm following the steps in the initial email exactly as described. I'm not getting the email to verify the license so how do I get this step done so I can actually review and test the product? !!

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  • ESET Staff

Have you contacted our customer care? If you send us your license id (xxx-xxx-xxx) or the mail used for account registration we can check it on our backend. 

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