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macOS using IPv6 and cant talk to Security Man Cent

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In ESET Security Management Center - the MAC computers are only connecting via IPv6.  We have deployed the CENTOS VM server. 

The issue we have is our ESET Management Center is in a Datacenter behind 2 firewalls & we do not route IPv6 between the offices and the data-center.   When the MacBooks are connected to the office network they get an IPv4 address and can ping the ESET Management Cernter but the Console cannot talk to the MacBook.  If the users VPN's into the datacenter then ESET Management Center sees them, via the IPv6 address, and is able to communicate. 

We do not have this issue with any of the Windows 10 desktops. 

Is there a way to force the Macbooks to only use IPv4 when talking to the ESET Management Center?

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There is no way how to configure ESMC Agent to not use IPv6 explicitly, as it is using network layer provided by operating system. I can see two alternatives that might help:

  • configure DNS in a way that hostname of ESMC server is resolved only to IPv4 addresses
  • configure ESMC Agent to connect to ESMC by IPv4 address = add IPv4 address of your ESMC server into ESMC Agent policy. Just be aware that this will affect certificate verification, especially in case wildcard "*" is not used in ESMC's certificate.

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