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Offline help for ESMC 7.1 not work properly

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After upgrading from ESMC 7.0 to 7.1 using all-in-one installer and installing Offline help for ESMC 7.1, the help works, but not properly. When pointing to help from Web console web link is incomplete and allways opening begining of help. For example, when pointing from Dashboard in Web console (HELP -> Dashboard - Help), the end of link is "index.html?dashboard". It should be "index.html?dashboard.html" as it was in ESMC 7.0. Missing ".html" at the end.
Question is what needs to change in order for the Web console to open correct offline help html file.

Thanks in advance :)


PS. Versions:
ESMC: 7.1.717.0
Web console: 7.1.393.0
Windows Server 2016

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  • ESET Staff

Thanks for reporting. It is currently being investigated so it is not yet known whether there will be at least workaround available until proper solution is implemented.

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